Nine kilo plus Monster on fly in the Free State Wilger River.
A local Eastern Free State fly fisherman, Paul Fick, has now proofed to everyone that one does not need highly specialised equipment, designer flies or far away destinations to land trophy large mouth monsters on the fly. With a passion for fly fishing, a good quality 5wt outfit (Sage XP rod and Sage reel with Scientific Anglers floating fly line), Rio 3x tippet and a self-tied fly (combination between a dragon, damsel and a bugger on a size 8 long shank Grip hook, which he called the “MOT”) he managed on Sunday the 19th of September, to catch one of the biggest Large Mouth Yellows I have ever seen. (photos  1,2 and 3).

If you think it was just luck, think again. Although not as big, he has caught several of these monsters in the last two months. 
Last week he caught one of 4.5Kg (Photo 4).     
Enjoy the photos and do not ask me about the venue.  If Paul wants to reveal particulars of his venue, it is his privilege to do so, but until such time his secret is save with me.  Several of his fly caught specimen, will soon be featured in our picture gallery.