Before I start, Present A Fly now has its own facebook page. Join us and feel free to post  comments and photos. This week we have the tying instructions of the Foam Hopper in our fly tying section. This is also the last pattern in Dr Hans Van Zyl’s series of flies for Sterkfontein Dam. Check it out, tie it and enjoy it. I am currently playing around and testing shortcut flies for the Yellows on Sterkfontein. With shortcut I mean flies that are very effective, simple and fast to tie. As soon as I have identified a few potent ones it will be published with tying instructions in our fly tying section.
The new FOSAF guide to Fly-fishing Destinations in Southern Africa is in stock and selling for R240,00. This is a must-have for every fly fisherman who likes to explore the different venues in our country. 

A locally produced fly-tying DVD for beginners, Fundamental Fly-tying was released recently and is available from us at R175,00.

See you on the water