Everyone that regularly fishes Sterkfontein knows about Dr Hans van Zyl, designer of the famous “Good Doctor’s Beetle. Without a doubt, one of the best fish producing fly patterns on Sterkfontein in the past few years.  For those of you who don’t know Dr Hans, he is one of the fly fishermen that discovered fly fishing on Sterkfontein. A humble person who is always willing to assist a fellow fly fisherman and never hesitates to share his newly discovered secrets of Sterkfontein with others, that is Hans Van Zyl, a true fly fisherman in every sense of the word.
Hans gave me permission to publish, on our website, the step by step preparation of material and tying instructions of his famous beetle. Check it out under our new fly tying section. More of his innovative patterns for Sterkfontein will be published in weeks to come.
These beetles (tied by Hans himself) are in stock, and they are going fast, so call if you want to order.
We have a limited quantity of Beetle tins available (shown below). Each tin holds 15 beetles, tied in different sizes and colours and are accompanied with fishing instructions from the Doctor himself.  A very nice gift, or collector’s item. The tins are R180,00 each and the individual beetles are R11, 00 each.  Until next time , Andre