Another step by step version of a Sterkies favourite from the vice of Hans Van Zyl, the “Meneer”, in our fly tying section. It is similar to the original Beetle with added buoyancy and a set of legs instead of the usual hackle. Remember to refer to the original Beetle for preparation, a must have pattern for Sterkfontein.
The SAGE VXP. If you were a fan of the old XP, this one is a must have. With the R/$ currently in our favour, you can either upgrade now, or become a new member of the world- wide SAGE family. The VXP range consists of seven models (3wt-9wt) with the 905 4 piece (R 4150,00), an excellent all-rounder for our region. Give us a call and order yours now!

For the small stream fisherman, the TXL was recently replaced by an even lighter four piece TXL-F range.  What an awesome little rod. The available range consists of six models (000 to 2) and are currently selling from R 5 380, 00.

See you on the water