The last couple of weeks were crazy and so far we had an above average busy yellow fish season. It seems as if Sterkfontein has been discovered for the first time. Yellow fish flies are virtually flying out of the shop and we were unable to stay ahead of the endless demand for the “The Good Doctors’ Beetles”.  The ever popular annual TCFF event was as usual, a great success. Despite the weather conditions most participants managed to land a fish or two and returned home knowing that they have managed to pass one of the most difficult phases of Yellow fish fly fishing; catching a Yellow fish in Sterkfontein.  Sterkfontein is considered a world class sight fishing venue and the skills required to catch yellow fish in these waters exceeds those of fishing for yellows in rivers. The down side of Sterkies is that the clear water has spoiled some of us in such a way, that we don’t want to cast a fly if the fish are not visible. In many ways it has created an addiction for dry-fly fishing amongst several fly fishermen.  Check out the gallery section for a few snaps from the TCFF event
Nowadays, you do not need an arsenal of flies to fish Sterkfontein, because “The Good Doctors’ Beetles” accounts for ninety percent of all the fish successfully landed on Sterkies. My personal preferences are currently:
- Beetles in black and brown - sizes between a # 10 and #8
- Hopper patterns in sizes 12 to 10
- Hotspot nymphs in sizes 18 to 16
- Olive Damsels in sizes 12 to 10
We are now running daily trips to Sterkfontein.  All the trips are weather permitted (those familiar with this region, knows that can mean 4 seasons within 24 hours!) and the minimum cost is R1500, 00 for two persons and R250, 00 for an additional person.  
With Christmas on our doorstep the year is speeding to an end. Give us a call for our in-store specials or join our fan page on Facebook to see our daily specials or giveaways before Christmas.
As this is to be the last web update for the year, I would like to take this opportunity to wish every fly fisherman in the world and all our devoted clients a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year. May the New Year create all sorts of new fishing experiences for everyone!