How to tie the "Meneer" 




1. Dip the foam strip for a second time in Seal-Skin and allow to dry for about half an hour. The foam strip will now be very supple and malleable. Cut a lazy ā€˜Vā€™ at the one end.




2. Pierce the foam with your hook about the shaft length from the tip of the strip. The short stub of foam will be lying upside down underneath the shaft of the hook. Place your hook back into the vice




3. By turning the foam sideways the hook can now be dressed with silk up to the bend. Turn the foam back and tie tightly to the hook bend with 5-6 turns then take the silk along the hook shank back to the eye.




4. Again tightly bind the tip of the ā€˜Vā€™ just behind the eye.




5. Coat the foam with some nail varnish, either clear or bronze. (or Blits stik super glue gel)




6. Now fold the long end of the foam strip forwards and tie tightly just behind the eye of the hook




7. Snip off the long end of the foam and your beetle should now look something like this!




8. Place the beetle now in this expensive clamp (stolen from your wife) with a strip of packing foam as a spacer to stick the two foam edges together. Leave to properly dry for a couple of hours




9.Thread a needle with 0.6mm liquid lace or similar legging material and simply stick through bottom half of the foam rubber




10. Apply a small amount of bronze nail varnish to the legging material before pulling it into position. The nail varnish will act as glue. (or Blits stik super glue gel)




11. Your finished FOB (foam only beetle) with rubber legs! (Meneer!)