Sterkfontein Dam
It’s time for an update, sorry no excuses, just lazy me. The year started off like a rocket with a lot of not so nice stuff that has happened during the month of January. Most of you know by now that our region encountered floods that were last seen 22 years ago. This had an enormous impact on fly fishing in the region, leaving (luckily) Sterkfontein Dam as the only worthwhile venue where you can cast a fly.  The conditions, was, however, difficult and some days one had to work hard to land a Sterkies Yellow.  But overall Sterkies is still providing the best Yellow fish fishing in the country. At this stage of the season, I can say with all honesty that the number one fly up until now was definitely the Good Doctors Beetle. You just don’t go to Sterkfontein without one of these beetles. However, one must keep in mind that the season is slowly moving on and so are the terrestrials. Recent reports indicated the use of smaller patterns such as mayflies, small grasshoppers and of course a smaller beetle.
For those of you that want to fish Lesotho and still need a decent roof over your head when you go to sleep at night, look no further. We have teamed up with a venue on the shores of Katse Dam. The venue, called Motebong Village is ideally situated in close proximity of three well-known rivers in the area, the Pilaneng, Matsuku and the Malibamatso. If hiking up-river is not for you, just drop a kick boat a few yards from your chalet in Katse Dam and you can fish for wild rainbows and small mouth Yellows.  We have created a link from our website to Motebong’s . Check it out and if you want to know more give me a call. .
We will soon have a shipment of Streamworks fishing tools in stock. In the meantime you can browse their website at
The New generation Beetle
One thing about Dr. Hans van Zyl, he never stops experimenting with his own creation, the famous Good Doctors’ Beetle. He has done some alterations on the previous version and we are privileged to present to you the tying instructions of the New Generation Beetle. Check it out in our tying section.
See you on the water