Tying the Foam Hopper 


1. The foam preparation is the same as for the beetle. Experiment with different colours. I chose a Metallic Regal Red from Heritage Craft Acrylics. Very thinly dabbed onto black 2mm foam.

2. Prepare a nr.8 Grip 14582 Hopper hook by tying the silk almost to the bend of the hook.




3. Stick the hook through the foam with about 15mm of foam for the top part of the abdomen and leave the bottom end long




4. Apply some super glue gel to the short end (top part) of the foam




5. Then stick the foam together with your silk hanging over on the far side right at the bend of the foam




6. With loose turns take your silk to the middle of the hook to create segments of the abdomen




7. Flip the long end of the foam backwards out of the way and tie in a stack of deer hair or similar wing material



8. Take your silk back to the middle of the hook and hold it out of the way to flip the long end of the foam forwards towards the eye of the hook. With a large needle create a hole in the foam for the eye of the hook and stick the eye through the foam




9. Fold the foam backwards on top of the shank and tie off in the middle of the hook




10. Cut the foam to leave a short stub sticking over the deer hair. This helps to keep the wing down




11. With a needle thread some legging material in a downwards direction through the thorax to create the long jumping legs and two front legs.



12. An additional short middle leg can be stuck through the bottom part of the thorax. I fix my Hopper’s legs with some nail varnish to the foam same as the beetle

Now this looks like a Hopper!